Saturday, 22 July 2017

Home Remedies To Stop Excessive Salivation while sleeping

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Many people's saliva starts flowing while breathing during sleep at night. There are many reasons for salvation, such as eating allergens or eating too much saliva due to some medicines. If you are also troubled due to the flow of saliva during sleep, these prescriptions can be helpful for you.

Due to the flow of saliva from the mouth should stay away from the late digested food and keep the stomach clean. If saliva flows then chew two to three basil leaves and then drink a little water. By doing this three to four times a day, you will get rid of saliva.

If you have to be embarrassed due to the flow of saliva while sleeping, then you can rinse alum in combination with water. This will save you from saliva.

Cinnamon Tea
If the saliva is disturbed by burning, then take cinnamon tea. For this, add cinnamon to the water and boil it well and filter it and drink honey in it. This will get you rid of the problem of saliva flowing.

Amla powder is beneficial for flowing saliva. Immediately after eating the food, it is easy to eat Amla powder with lukewarm water. At the same time, this recipe also cleanses from acidity.

Take 500 ml of borax add 125 grams of honey in the water and get rid of the saliva flowing through gargling. Rinse this mixture, you will also get relief.
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