Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Benefits To Be fit by running backwards in The Morning


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Who does not like to be fit? Everyone wants that they look absolutely fit. It is always said that morning cold air is more beneficial for health and if you exercise at this time, it not only frescoes your mood, but it is also the formidable formula to stay fit. Running is also an important part of this exercise but do you know if you run upside down rather than running straight, then it will be more effective.

This is revealed in a study. In this study, 26 women were included, who run vomiting instead of 15 to 45 minutes, instead of directly, which lasted for about 6 weeks. It found that most women's weight decreased by 2.5 percent. At the same time, some scientists from the University of Milan and Cardiff University said that the upside risk of knee injury is also less. So let's tell you some of its benefits.

You can also bend the waist when you are running straight. You may have to deal with problems of neck and back pain, instead of running upside down, you have to stand upright and maintain this posture.

According to the study, you can quickly lose weight by running upside down because it burns your calorie 20 percent more.

You have to do a lot of effort in running upside down, which increases your physical ability.

Your head goes straight downwards because you start boring, but your brain gets entangled in the reverse as you get excited every day, so you feel excited every day.
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