Tuesday, 7 March 2017

To Get Rid of Pimples in Summer Avoid Icecream

Tip to not get acne on face in summer season

It is difficult to make a distance from ice cream in scorching sunlight, but if you have to get rid of pimples in the summer, then you have to make a distance from it. Due to sun exposure in the summer season, the problem of pimples is started by the most people. Experts believe that to avoid this problem, it should take only fiber-rich food.

Use gel lotions instead of using cream etc., which do not make your face oily. In winter, the face needs moisturizer, but it is necessary to moisturize the face even in the summer.

Due to excessive dust in the summer season, dust and soil are stored on the face. That is why clean your face at least twice a day. At the same time scratch the face in the week, so that the dead skin is removed. Also, clear the facial pores of the face.

In the summer season, distance from oil items and eat fiber food. There are plenty of fiber in citrus fruits, sprouted gram etc. If you do not have constipation then your face will be clean.

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You must make a distance from ice cream, chocolate, cake, and pizza before getting rid of a pimple. Do not eat any foods made from sugar and flour. Some seafood and fatty foods also increase the problem of acne.
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