Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Common Hair Washing Mistakes Prevent You To Get Rid Of Hair Loss

Shampooing Mistakes for hair

A shampoo is very carefully used while buying hair but never shrugged hair while shampooing and often we make mistakes. The result is that hair loss and weakening.

What is the right way to shampoo hair?

Often thinks that the more shampoo they put in the hair, the hair will be as clean, strong. But this is not so. More shampoo harm the hair. The shampoo itself according to the length of the hair.

Many times, in a hurry, the shampoo can not get out of the right from the head and remains in the hair. Which starts to fall hair

Do not massage the shampoo loudly in the head. This makes the hair weak and breaks down. It would be better that you remove the shampoo with the help of fingers.

Take the shampoo over the palms, because the hair of the same place gets stuck as it is directly placed on the head.

Use hair conditioner after shampoo. Shampoo on daily basis decreases the natural veil of hair. If the hair then shampoos three times a week and shampoo twice.

Shampoo with lukewarm water, not shampoo with hot water. By shampooing hot water, hair becomes lifeless and rusty.

Apply shampoo after properly fertilizing the babies. This does not affect the effect of shampoo completely.

Praising the shampoo from the head to the back and forth.
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