Thursday, 9 February 2017

Women Working Night Shift Make Pregnancy Harder

Night Shifts Make Harder For Women To Conceive

Night shift women who are working in the face of a major problem in their pregnancies. Sometimes they do not deserve to have this baby.

Went to Harvard University in the research have shown that these women whose office is unstable working hours has a negative impact on their fertility. Along with women whose work requires more physical effort they have to face many problems in a child.

Research has found that when women are caused by changes in hormones. These changes over time and irregular sleep-wake is caused by physical exertion. Researchers in this study involved 473 women, who he considered average of 35 women. Massachusetts General Hospital and was undergoing treatment in women Infertility.

The researchers found that women who routinely night shifts them up to 24 percent less mature eggs left. These eggs were not able to develop. Women who were more manual labour jobs while nearly 14 percent were found to mature eggs.

The birth of millions of immature eggs are present in the girls reach their teens to become mature after Hormones. But these hormones become unbalanced, these eggs are not mature and are not in a position to become a child and later developed. Hormonal imbalance in women working in night shifts due to the possibility of a child decreases.
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