Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Why you should never take your phone into the toilet?

Using Smartphone In Toilet Can Be Harmful

People on their way to the toilet with a newspaper or a magazine used to, but now the trend has changed. Today, people are beginning to go to the restroom with the smartphone. They also can not stay away from the phone for a moment. But you know that the use of smartphones in the toilet can be harmful to health.

The bathrooms are the most bacteria that stick to your phone. This spreads the risk of infection. People think that they are just a touch phone in such germ How can the toilet.

Indeed, when you flush the water is spread far enough that it adds a few drops on the phone and you undetected. Infection spreads from here. Also when you flush the toilet then put the hand is evident that after that will touch your phone. This flush bacteria from your hands stick on the phone.

Bathrooms are sitting germs on everything. So use your phone after you touch those things, they are able to make their home Bacteria on your phone.

According to a study, these bacteria are attracted by the heat of the phone so that the right stick is not good for your health. The bathroom of the house is more than a dirty public bathroom. Avoid the use of your phone so special.
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