Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Side Effects of Eating Pizza on Health

6 Reasons to Stop Eating Pizza

Today, children, young people are fond of the pizza. Sounds tasty to eat pizza as it is equally harmful to health. So next time before eating the pizza definitely think of it.

Pizza with heart disease are more likely to occur. The cholesterol may be caused Arterial off and increases the risk of heart attack.

Pizza Preservative are incorporated in the health damages. Some people do not use the fresh vegetables can cause your illness.

Tasty pizza to make it more salt and calories are added things. Much salt is harmful to health. It also contains a lot of fat and obesity increases.

In pizza toppings, many vegetables is to put the name. With some of these drugs causes damage to health. It affects the digestive system.

The flour is used to make pizza from increasing the amount of sugar in the blood. Most people drink cold drink with pizza and increases its effectiveness. It's a problem of sugar and weight increases.

Pizza in the ketchup and cheese is inserted in the body acid. Those who prefer to eat pizza for lunch or dinner, these problems are seen more.
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