Thursday, 9 February 2017

Skin Tight Jeans Effects Men As Infertility Decreases

Skin-tight jeans for men Increases health problems

In the era of fashion, people are unaware that they are wearing any clothes, they can damage their health. How tight is harmful to health, especially jeans, then wear will know repentance.

If the skin-tight jeans for men nothing short of a curse. Indeed, always stick to the body, there is pressure on the testicle and surrounding temperature rises, which would seem to be low sperm count and increases the risk of impotence.

Also around the thighs and the temperature increases, so too does the pressure in the blood seems to be hindered.

Therefore, doctors recommend that men wear tight clothes that were supposed to replace the loose and relaxed body.

Also, men in hot water bath for longer and longer in the same position are advised not to sit too.
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