Monday, 27 February 2017

Hearing Your Phone Ringing Often Take Measures

I keep hearing a phone ringing in my head

Do you often feel that your phone is ringing and the call goes to show that it is not a call? So, assuming your confusion ignore it but could be a sign of mental problems. This problem is called "phantom vibration syndrome".

Although it is not a serious problem, but if not treated in time it can take them later awesome. But this has not been much research on the several reasons advanced by psychologists.

If you are waiting for a call, you can have the impression of repeated audible bell.

Too many calls they are not ringing the bell several times on the phone that the call is coming.

When using the phone too much can also cause disease.

People who are very, hear them, again and again, speaks of the phone rings.

Doctors also believe that even though they have a serious illness, but further anxiety, inability to concentrate as it may cause problems. With no return repeated phone calls to hear the sound of bells, the message to check the characteristics of young people more visible.
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