Thursday, 9 February 2017

Getting Anger has Many Side Effects Causes Aneurysm

Extreme anger leads to many diseases

Some people have the habit of getting angry for the smallest thing. So the effect is the same as on the front with an angry sometimes it seems to be troubled. They are unaware of its results and tends to ignore it as anger. If this happens to you also need to be cautious.

Too much anger is not a common practice. This may be because many diseases which is a disease that can lead to a life-threatening.

The aneurysm is a disease called. This is the disease which Bollywood actor Salman Khan, who is struggling.

Aneurysm in any organ of the body, blood becomes balloon. It can be withdrawn from operation. Initially, it is smaller but as your anger grows, it also seems to thrive. Though the cause of the disease is still not clear but doctors attribute the Habit of pressure and anger.

Having in mind that we do not see any signs, but if it is in other parts of the body is swelling and pain. Along with headaches, dizziness and beat hard.
 know about the disease.
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