Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Foods to Avoid Before Bed to Get Goo Sleep at Night

Foods You Should Never Eat at Bed Time

Many people complain that they can not sleep at right time. Either they take the medicines or home remedies seek to get sleep. But maybe these people will know that the food eaten at night affects our sleep. Some things should stay away from the intake at night.


People believe that drinking helps to get good sleep, whereas it is not. This has a drastic impact on the function of sleep. The alcohol urinates very well cause you have to get up frequently at night. Once addicts live and sleep is hard to sleep after opening.

Heavy food

Enough time to digest the food, which imposes enormous impact on digestion. And could not sleep all night because of this side is going to take. So should avoid heavy dinner.


If you have the habit of drinking tea or coffee at night, then converting it in time. Caffeine affects sleep in them. This is your sleep disappear.


Blue garlic is beneficial for health, but affects sleep at night when consumed. To lie down immediately after eating it, the problem comes from the gas you do not sleep through the night.


Sweet food and energy in the body increases the sugar level comes up. Because of this difficulty in falling asleep.
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