Thursday, 9 February 2017

Dry fruits Causes Side Effects to Our Body

5 Dry Fruits Which effects our health

Enhance memory, to remain healthy people often recommend eating dry fruits or nuts. But the damage to health benefits provided by eating these reaches. Yes, it may not necessarily be beneficial to your intake of fruits, sometimes they can also be harmful.


Takes time to digest the fibre in almonds appears. Almonds weakens the digestive system. Sometimes it's a problem of constipation. Furthermore, these increases obesity. So do almonds consumed in limited quantities.


Cashews in food look delicious, but also has its disadvantages. People who have migraine problem, they should stay away from nuts because amino acids are responsible for headaches.


Raisins have a great amount of sugar which is harmful to one's health. Raisins increases the chances of getting diarrhoea. It sticks to your teeth, which is also prone to cavities. After eating, rinse or brush so it can be removed.


Pistachios contain potassium as it leads to increase in blood pressure, stress etc. may be healthy but is harmful to the problems in the kidney. If someone has kidney problems should not eat pistachios. Dehydration as well as it, too, comes the problem of weakness.


So if your skin is sensitive, avoid nut swelling on the skin because if you consume more. Also, if a patient has asthma nuts are not prefered.
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