Monday, 27 February 2017

7 Essential Screening Tests Every Man Needs to Do

If you recognize the disease if taken in time to prevent him from becoming a killer. If you want you to be healthy all your life, then it should make sure to test 7.

Prostate Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in men is going to be. If the disease is detected on time the disease can be avoided. To recognize it and prostate specific antigen tests are blood tests are Test digital rectum.

Testicular Cancer
This cancer affects men Riprotektiv gland. Contracted the disease in men 20 to 54 years of age to come. So whenever you get a routine check-up if they do not get testicular Test.

High blood Pressure
Aging also increases the risk of high blood pressure as well as think. It is also associated with obesity and lifestyle. These can be quite dangerous for your heart from time to time so make sure to keep your blood pressure check.

Cholesterol Level
Increased cholesterol levels in the body also increase the risk of heart disease. It may also lead to heart attack and stroke. Blood Test dangerous cholesterol in your body can be detected.

The disease brings with it many diseases such as heart problems, stroke, kidney related problems, blindness, nerve damage and impotence. Diabetes, if detected on time with all of these diseases can be avoided. Blood sugar testing to identify it, and the A1C test glucose tolerance test is performed. After the age of 45 must go for this test every three months.

HIV Test
HIV can be detected by blood tests. The first test is the ELISA or EIA. Sometimes it does not produce the HIV virus. Western blot assay to confirm the name of the second test is done.

This disease affects the nerves of the eyes so you can be blind. definitely, should have.
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