Monday, 27 February 2017

5 Things You Should Avoid While Eating if You get Heavy

Getting Heavy Dinner then Follow These Steps:

While eating we inadvertently making foolish mistakes result in many of us get to see later. Yet, we are not focused on your eating habit and keep taking medicines unnecessarily. So before going to the doctor because many times they change their way of eating habits lead to the disease.

Do not talk while eating. Sometimes things are stuck in the esophagus, the food seems to be causing the cough. It takes water out of the eyes and nose. Cough-cough vomiting sometimes reaches people.

Chewing food well and eat. Without chewed food is not good for health. Chew well and eat food enzymes present in saliva help digest food. But without time to digest chewed food does have the problem in the stomach.

Many people watch TV, eat lying down, standing at some wedding. But the food must always sit. Lie down or stand and eating gas, constipation, joint pain lives. Not only stating that there have been many research stand food increases the risk of impotence in men.

Neither the time nor the food immediately after eating to drink water. If you have the habit of drinking water in between meals, then change it to the top because the digestive system is weak.

Never sleep immediately after eating the food. To lie down immediately after eating the food can not digest the juices from their job because of the irritation seems to be having problems like indigestion.
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