Monday, 20 February 2017

4 Yoga Poses To Balance Hormones in Body

Yoga for hormonal imbalance in men & women

If you want to balance your hormones by these simple posture can help. Any woman or man can take advantage of this position are:


Lay the first posture. Keep both legs below the knees, hips and ankles bent to sit down. Breathing hands up to the side. Then slowly release the breath out of the palms of both hands on the floor You must. Keep your head on the floor doing concentrated activity. Posture in this position for some time after coming out of breath and hold left. In this situation a few times and then rest a little and repeat the posture. Make it 4 to 5 times.


Spread both sit on the front foot. Keep the heel-toed mixed together. Paste both hands beside the hips straight and hold the gaze. Raise both hands pointed ears. Looking back now gradually tilt the front. Hold your thumb with both hands and feet and keep the knee to the forehead. Keep yourself in this position as long as possible. Then slowly come back to the old position.


Go squatted Keep your head, neck and back straight. Loosen the shoulders. Both hands on the knees and palms facing up. Close your eyes and head slightly raised. Been taking a long, deep breath. This posture is 5-10 minutes can.


First, sit down in the seat and extend both legs forward. Keep both hands on the buttocks of the adjoining seat. Now the right leg bent left thigh mix. Mind you're touching your right knee to the ground. Breathe slowly raise your hands. Now slowly bend forward while breathing in front of it. Keep in mind, your hands are close to the ear. Now the head by the knee with both hands to hold the heel. After staying in this position for some time to come back to the situation before.
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