Friday, 2 December 2016

Us Report Says Phishing in 24 Banks Websites Information

Us Report Says Phishing in 24 Banks Websites Information: On the other hand, the country is promoting cashless economy a US-based cyber security firm Fayrai reported phishing sites, some of the data stolen are around 26 Indian banks.

Here's how your banking information is being stolen? Your money is not safe in times of cashless economy, getting to know how to steal your money.

The two website bank data has been stolen is identified Fayrai and It seems that the website has an online payment gateway. But in fact, these are the phishing website. India's 26 banks are involved in stealing customer information. They were registered between August and October 2016.

What is the phishing website?

The phishing website is a virtual website, the user can draw a different way to bring the site. Links such as email, social media links and more.

How to Avoid?
Do not carry out any site online, payment of which is not listed. Go to a site or an e-mail link to be found, especially on WhatsApp.
Us Report Says Phishing in 24 Banks Websites Information
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