Sunday, 4 December 2016

TN CM Amma @Jayalalitha Heart Attack Chennai Apollo Hospital

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Live CM Jaya Suffers Cardiac Arrest Heart Attack people are want to know about Jayalalitha Health updates. Lot of rumors jayalalitha died in hospital by the health conditions are not good due to hearth attack death news.

jayalalitha on Twitter Fever, dehydration, she was admitted to hospital on December Monday 5th 2016, Apollo. Since then, the hospital authorities from time to time on the condition of her health bulletins have been issued. Has served to treat the infection. AIIMS medical team of doctors who treat her in London. Since then, she is serving as a Singapore-based three  almost two months, she continued medical treatments. A few days ago, she moved to the general ward. AIIMS doctors arrived in Chennai on Saturday night jayalalita been tested. She made it clear that health generally.

All of a sudden heart attack Jayalalita of a sudden heart attack on Sunday evening, as soon as she moved to the critical care unit. Earlier, the aid provided by the London-based medical expert Dr Richard also in contact with the Apollo Hospital said Sunday. That said, he did not agree with the treatment of their medical professionals.

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Store closures In many areas of the city known as a heart attack, was jayalalita shops and hotels close other areas in the closure of petrol bunk.
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