Saturday, 3 December 2016

Tips to Sit In An Office Chair to Avoid Legs Pain

Tips to Set In An Office Chair to Avoid Legs Pain: In Office hours, you have to sit at least 8 hours & do the same thing. So often causes pain in your feet and they are swollen. Some people of them can't sit for a longer time.

Sometimes people squatted their legs on the chair due to restlessness It will have some relief.

Indeed, sitting for a long time legs get to hang and blood will clot. The disease deep vein Thrombosis may occur due to this. To avoid this walk for a while in between and legs should touch the ground.

Also, you should sit straight. If you sit down, you can get a pain in the back. Exact in front your computer your eyes should be placed.
Tips to Sit In An Office Chair to Avoid Legs Pain
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