Friday, 23 December 2016

Soured Milk Make These Tasty Recipes Desserts

Soured Milk Make These Tasty Recipes Desserts: Usually, people throw torn milk or make cheese. But not just cheese, but other tasty things can also be made which are healthy. what to do with sour pasteurized milk?

To make pudding take cream, flour, sugar and vanilla essence take bursting with milk. Mix in cracked milk, whipping cream. Now mix the flour, sugar, and vanilla essence beat them. Simmer make puddings. Similarly, you can also use it to make cakes.

Smoothie people eat ice cream together. You can use ice cream instead of milk torn.

Make yogurt from milk. The torn sourdough & Mix a little milk. Mix it with yogurt and delicious to eat.

If you make soup at home, you can use spoiled milk. This soup will be more delicious and soft.

Torn milk curd residue to make sure the well-beaten and cumin drink it.

Mix Coca powder with sugar and milk make Blend. It sounds delicious to drink chocolate milk.

Eat Cracked milk & steamed eggs mixed. It gives essential nutrients in the body.
Soured Milk Make These Tasty Recipes Desserts
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