Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Some Unknown Facts About Men In life

Some Unknown Facts About Men In life: If you think that you know everything about you boys is not correct. A research about the boys will be surprised to know that there have been many such things we don't know. 

Men's IQ level is very low. Domestic violence, women who have lost their lives that were a responsible husband. A man should not keep the hot laptop on lap. Man for about six months don't shave.

Very difficult and unusual circumstances. More committing Suicides are men than women. The study noted that the wives of men who are pretty happy and satisfied in life.

In 1927 the first time the two men kissed each other on the movie screen. Smoking may depress man. Women blind eyelids 19 times in one minute as per man only 11 times.

Close to 1,600 men wore heels for the first time. Then the women were beginning to wear it. Interesting useful facts about men psychology in love men body and relationships.
Some Unknown Facts About Men In life
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