Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Simple Yoga Poses to Slim Down & Tone Your Body

Simple Yoga Poses to Slim Down & Tone Your Body: Everyone wants to have the slim body. With the help of yoga, not only you can reduce your excess body fat but also your body will become more flexible and stronger.

This asana lower abdominal fat, waist is narrow and wide shoulders and arms strong. It is of great importance in creating flexible and curvy body.

First direct lie on your stomach and place both hands under forehead. Keep both feet on toes. Now lift the front of the forehead and shoulders parallel to the two arms hold the weight of the body lying on the arms. Now take the help of arms and upper body. Take a long breath while stretching. After being in this state for a few moments lie down on your stomach.

It would avoid many health problems from not only your body but also flexible and reduce waist and tight fat.

First, two legs stretched straight back and keep in a straight line. Keep both feet pointed. Lift both arms and waist to keep upright. Then down with both hands, both feet, trying to catch the thumb. Mind The Turn, not your knees and your feet lift off the ground.

This shape lower body and arms to create good posture. It keeps the body flexible and easier for fat loss.

The legs stretched straight in front sit. Keep the spine straight and toes should be connected. Now both hands doing concentrated activity on the ground lift the lower back.

The name itself suggests that this posture is for children. This asana decreases abdominal fat as well as lower back pain.

First, go down on knees. Now Raise hands up and slowly bend forward from the ground.

It is also a good way to get slim body. Yoga to lose weight from hips and thighs to get slim body waist and stomach fast.

First lie down on the ground upside down. Taking up arms and legs. Now hold hands feet.
Simple Yoga Poses to Slim Down & Tone Your Body
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