Friday, 9 December 2016

Salad Can Make You Gain Weight Be Careful

Salad Can Make You Gain Weight Be Careful: Most people take the salad to lose weight. But you know that salads could even harm you.

Leafy vegetables and fruits are very high in antioxidant take time to digest. To avoid this, add olive oil in the salad dressing can be very effective.

Iceberg lettuce leaves some essential nutrients are not found. and even spinach leaves Can be used.

Many people tend to add something some of the spices in it for flavoring salads. But it contains more calories so Avoid the use of these things in the salad.

It is believed that green vegetable salad is beneficial, but instead of the green colored fruit salads carrots, radishes, it becomes more beneficial.

Corn and pea salad should never take. These calories are found in greater amounts.
Salad Can Make You Gain Weight Be Careful
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