Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Pokemon GO app download india play free on Reliance Jio offer 2017

#Pokémon #GO in #India download free and play a Reliance Jio sim.

Abroad, most popular mobile game, "Pokemon Go 'is coming to our country. Go Pokemon Niantic publisher Inc., in partnership with the Pokemon Reliance Jio, will unveil this augment reality game app today. The vast opportunities available data, the aim is to give the domestic Digital Life, which is part of the fun game, leading the introduction of the Pokemon gone announced that Reliance Jio. 50 million people around the world have downloaded the game, Geo network is now officially the President of India, Reliance Jio Matthew Omen Niantic entrance. In India, the invention of the game of high-speed data services, is pleased to have offered to share Jio-Niantic entrepreneurs, said Chief Executive Officer John Hunky. Fans of this game  Pokemon.

How to play pokemon go game chat and codes find:

Reliance Digital stores across the country to share this with the enclosures in the course of the game in relation to the selected companies 'poke apps' / Jio found. Geo retail stands, charging poke center, the gym can be activated. The Instant Messaging App  jio chat channel, use the special Pokemon go. The game is played daily tips, techniques provide the channel. March 31, Geo network, because there is no data charges, Geo connections they have to the game, happy new year celebration.
Pokemon GO app download india play free on Reliance Jio offer 2017
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