Wednesday, 28 December 2016

How to reduce body odour without deodorant Avoid These Foods

How to reduce body odour without deodorant Avoid These Foods: The people who use expensive Deodorants are not effective. But if you remove these things from your diet, then the problem can be avoided. Foods to eliminate deodorise the body fight against body odor.

The compound leaves with garlic Elisin. It is responsible for the stench of garlic. As a result, bacteria are found in sweat and saliva and smelled. Smell To avoid it, do not eat raw. Eat garlic always well cooked.

Smell like garlic, raw onions to eat. Even the stench is too long. Indeed, eating raw onion odor causing particles from the lungs on inhalation Which reaches from the mouth smells bad.

According to a study, vegetarians are less attractive than those carnivorous. Funk intake of red meat will come anyway as such also affects health. 

Sulphur is found in these vegetables it increases the stench of sweat. These vegetables are beneficial for your body, so they do not stop eating. If possible, cook them Boil with some salt.

So if you consume too much alcohol damages health as well as because of the stench from the body also falls. Whether both beer or wine mixed with sweat Because of the smell gets out.

Drinking more coffee smelled of urine. In addition to the consumption of coffee and smell the mouth is dry. The coffee extract sweat glands, causing the body to make active stink Comes.
How to reduce body odour without deodorant Avoid These Foods
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