Monday, 26 December 2016

Honey Side Effects & Disadvantages For teeth and bones

Honey Side Effects & Disadvantages For teeth and bones: Honey is rich in many properties while it has some disadvantages too. Consuming too much of is harmful. 

More honey consumed for the body increases the number of calories. People who take it to lose weight, they should reduce its volume intake.

Honey and pollen are made of Shankara containing fluid. If you have allergies, honey can be harmful to our body. The breathing problems, such as rash occurs better to consult a doctor.

Acid is found in honey the excessive intake of these can damage your teeth and bones. Use it in tea or coffee is poisonous because their intake with body temperature rises. Because of the tense situation arises.

High consumption of honey makes stomach cramps, bloating and diarrhea Indeed, the injunctions of honey is heated so do not take it with warm food and water. Side effects of honey and lemon with warm water are effective.

If possible, avoid consumption of meat and fish, as it is the creation of toxins in the body. Do not use it at all, as well as pickled vegetables.

Do not take any oil with honey. With the same amount of fuel, that produces toxins in the body.
Honey Side Effects & Disadvantages For teeth and bones

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