Thursday, 29 December 2016

Home Remedies To Get Sleep Better Without Sleeping pills

Home Remedies To Get Sleep Better Without Sleeping pills: Some people also use drugs to sleep, which is very harmful to health. Indian home remedies for sleep to fall asleep quickly.

Warm milk before going to bed, the problem can be overcome. Triptorelin amino acid present in milk, it is good for the brain chemical serotonin sleep easily at night with the help of serotonin. Besides milk, yogurt, cheese or other dairy products can also be consumed.

Bananas have the ability to loosen the muscles. Due to the presence of magnesium and potassium helps early sleep. Vitamin B6 is found in bananas. Carbohydrates are found in bananas to get sleep well.

Alcohol should not drink caffeine in the evening but you can drink herbal tea. This will give you good sleep. You can also take green tea. Green tea has good sleep quality.

If you are having difficulty sleeping because of the lack of protein can be. You should take half-boiled egg before going to bed. This protein is found in large quantities.

Good amount of magnesium is found in almonds, which makes muscles relax. According to the research, when the body's magnesium is less experienced some difficulties in sleeping. Almonds are also good in protein that controls blood sugar levels at bedtime.
Home Remedies To Get Sleep Better Without Sleeping pills
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