Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Heart Attack Prevention In Winters for Cold Weather

Heart Attack Prevention In Winters for Cold Weather: Not only to elder persons even in younger nowadays. Especially in the winter need to be careful because this season is the main chance of a heart attack.

In the winter due to falling temperatures causing blood vessels to constrict heart. This reduces the amount of blood and oxygen reaches the heart and increases the likelihood of heart attacks. Also, vitamin D deficiency due to lack of sunlight in winter is causing the increased risk. 

Heart patients are advised to walk in the winter season in the afternoon under the sun.

A teaspoon of Amla powder with sugar and rose water take it. It keeps heart disease away.

Use linseed oil in food. It is found that omega-3 fatty acids make the heart stronger.

Winter is deteriorating balance of cholesterol in the body causing heart disease. So you have to take special care of your diet.

Temperature drop may be due to heart patients Hypothermia. It is a fatal disease. To avoid this, keep the body warm. Wear warm clothes and food to include such things which may provide heat.

Exercise in the sun, but not too much, as this pressure on the heart. Be in the sun as much as possible. It is not a lack of vitamin D in the body.

Don't Smoke it; your leads to heart disease & lung problems.you'resuffering from any disease better to leave cigarettes.

If you have high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma care should be taken.

Spicy food should avoid eating too much sweet. Maintain the balance of a number of calories in the body. If possible, drink plenty of water as well as plenty of lukewarm water.
Heart Attack Prevention In Winters for Cold Weather
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