Friday, 30 December 2016

Google's 8 Products That Have Stopped In 2016

Google's 8 Products That Have Stopped In 2016: Google has many new services launched this year but very few people know.

Google Compare
It was the first service of Google closed Google Compare. Google's product your insurance, including an auto comparison between offers and many products. As a reminder, Google had just introduced the service in 2015.

Google Hangouts on Air
Google launched its another important service stopped this year and that Google Hangouts. Now, instead of Google Hangouts can use YouTube to live.

Google Nexus
The third, which is Google's Nexus product off. Google Nexus service began in 2010. Next Google Nexus pixels phone service has been stopped and thus launched.

Google Picasa
Google Picasa product earlier this year in March, it's very important to shut down. Google said it was closed so we provide an integrated service within Google Photos.

Google another service that Panoramio stopped. It was launched by Google in 2007. Google has tried to close it in 2014. To turn it off, Google also sought to add to the photos.

Project Jigsaw
Google is the most important thing this year is that of closing the Project Ara. It was working on a modular smartphone. But for some reason, Google pulled back his hand from the project.

Chrome apps on Mac, Windows, Linux
Do you know the Internet browser Google Chrome stopped this year? Google this year, Mac, Chrome on Windows and support lines have stopped.

My Tracks
Another important service provided by Google, closed this year. They track Google. Google's service for athletes was quite helpful. That way they run, distance and time were accounted.
Google's 8 Products That Have Stopped In 2016
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