Friday, 16 December 2016

Google Top Searches Keywords List 2016 In India

Google Top Searches Keywords List 2016 In India: Google released a list of the most searched keywords this year 2016. The list shows that people in India mostly search about celebrities in the news and what movies have been coming.

The top search in different categories are news of the Rio Olympics, Personality Donald Trump, films Sultan, Heroes Disha Patani direction and Sushant Singh Rajput hero is searched. 

Most on Google news search about the Rio Olympics 2016. After the US presidential elections and about Brexit.

People about Donald Trump, Deepa Karmakar and the Pride of India boosting PV Sindhu was searched extensively.

Talking about movies this year, Google was occupied by Sultan. Rajnikanth Kabali and then flown to the people of Punjab have enough search Akshay Kumar's airlift.

Talking about Dhoni's biopic Patani direction. The top so far this year in the Top 10 Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra to Hollywood burial flags did not accommodate.

Talking about Bollywood in search of Heros this year Sushant Singh Rajput scored. Later this year, Kabir Bedi and 'Mirjya' to debut at number three are Harsh Kapoor. Important thing is that even if the films are number one but Sultan Sultan, ie Salman ranked fifth in this category.
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