Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Future Smartphone Charging is Just a Finger Swipe

Future Smartphone Charging is Just a Finger Swipe: New Technology is coming up Soon you will be able to charge your smartphone just by swiping. Pennsylvania State University scientists to design a new device with the use of mechanical energy for air, sea waves and the motion of the human skeleton.

Qing Wang, a professor of science and engineering, said that purpose as humans walking and low-frequency ocean waves into electricity speed make the device. Nanocomposite the two electrodes, Polycarbonate Membrane has been developed with the help of ion-charged mobile.

The touch screen phones generate mechanical energy into electricity to be replaced and will be preserved in the battery. Other human motion can be used for tablets or other wearable devices.

The equipment used to convert mechanical energy into electricity unusable Vitreal electronics, biomedical devices, and the Internet can be done.

Ten vibrations per second over effects based on the frequency of the device itself can work correctly.
Future Smartphone Charging is Just a Finger Swipe
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