Saturday, 17 December 2016

Disadvantage Of Taking High Amounts of Dry Fruits

Disadvantage Of Taking High Amounts of Dry Fruits: Eat dry fruits are good for health, but take it in a limit a day. Don't get addicted to eating many dry fruits it's harmful. How to eat dry fruits daily eating dry fruits in morning a little.

More fibers are found in dry fruits. Our digestive system can not digest the fiber in large quantity. So if you eat more of fruits, you can have gas and abdominal pain.

Too many calories are found in dry fruits becomes overweight. How much dry fruit can u eat daily to avoid gas?

Fructose is the sugar found naturally in dry fruits. These can cause tooth decay. It also produces the mouth of bacteria that causes bad breath.

Dry fruits in bulk increase your blood sugar levels too much. So it is true to an extent, you may be a victim of diabetes.
Disadvantage Of Taking High Amounts of Dry Fruits
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