Friday, 16 December 2016

Diet Plan To Lose Weight 10 Kgs In A Month

Diet Meal Plan To Lose Weight 10 Kgs In A Month: A healthy, balanced and low-calorie diet plan is very difficult to lose weight in 1 month almost 10 kg weight loss diet plan you can resort to. This diet plan with only 15 minutes of morning workouts can give you better results.

A morning drink 2 glasses of lukewarm water. It removes stomach problems related the harmful elements out of the body works. It also improves the blood circulation and also regulates body fat. If you can not drink plain water, you can drink Lemon Detox drink with honey. 

Diet Plan to Lose 10kg in 30 days Breakfast:

The morning breakfast is very important in day to take 250 calories
Omelet with green tea
Idli with Sambar
Vegetable soup with brown bread

How to Lose 10kg in 1 Month Naturally Diet Planner Lunch:
These are found up to 300 calories.
A big bowl of vegetable soup with toasted brown bread 2
Rice with salmon
Brown rice, lentils, and salad

Evening snack:
You can choose any one of these
Lemon tea with biscuit dough
Boiled eggs with green tea,
Orange juice
Brown bread sandwich

chicken noodle soup
Vegetable curry, curry, soy or egg curry with 2 loaves

Of course, drink 1 glass of warm water before going to bed at night. It removes toxins from your body and will also help to burn calories.

Morning 15 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, jogging, jump rope or Surya Namaskar. How to lose 10 kgs in 1-month Indian diet plan to lose weight fast with this meal plan. Healthy dietplans is very essential free online diet plans for women.
Diet Plan To Lose Weight 10 Kgs In A Month
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