Saturday, 24 December 2016

Cashless Payment is Making You Charge More

Cashless Payment is Making You Charge More: In an age of cashless payment, a true reality is that you spend more cash aside. In this case when paying by debit card or net banking extra charges are a big burden.

Supreme Court Advocate Gupta injustice, "it all depends on what you are paying by credit card or debit card".

How is the abatement of cashless payment pocket?

Cashless transactions, the government is looking for ways to promote. On the other hand, the digital payment transaction charges, service charge, service tax, cess and agricultural welfare cess Clean India are additional expenses to be paid. However, the government has given instantaneous relief from service tax.

But the question that arises is how long the relief and relaxation?
Gupta injustice, "the government, banks, and card service provider companies currently offer various discounts, but it is not yet clear that this discount will continue until December 30 or after that."

How much you will pay in the name of cashless Exactly the same position with regard to movie tickets and petrol pump cashless customers opting too often due to the fact they do not know how much they are paying money. Cashless payments online are the cost of Internet data, which add no value.

He says, "People in general bargaining have the option of shopping, you can borrow items by promising to pay later. Cashless or online payment of these options, you do not."
Cashless Payment is Making You Charge More
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