Wednesday, 28 December 2016

6 Perfect Foods To Prevent White & Grey Hairs Naturally

6 Perfect Foods To Prevent White & Grey Hairs Naturally: Due to unhealthy eating habits, stress, or not taking care of hair before the old age for some people it seems to be white. To overcome this problem, use these foods in our daily diet. 

how to stop gray hair permanently from coming back? Boil the coconut oil and curry leaves apply on the hair and keep on humming. Twenty minutes later, wash the hair. This prevents not only dandruff but also prevents hair from graying.

Melanin is formed and the hair color is dependent on copper production. Copper deficiency in the body leads to hair seem to be white. The deficit in the copper-rich should be taken like chocolate, mushrooms, lentils, almonds, sesame etc.

Because of the lack of oxygen in the hair vitamin B does not produce. To meet the shortage of vitamin B intake of green leafy vegetables. These B vitamins are found in abundance. Folic acid is found in leafy vegetables in addition to the hair and protein to the growth.

Sweet potatoes two to three times a week, eat them. These vitamins are found in abundance to strengthen the hair.

Zinc deficiency also becomes the hair to be white. Zinc is present in shell fish plentiful. 

With the goodness of vitamin A. Carrots are beneficial to both your skin and hair. Vitamin A produces melanin in the hair.
6 Perfect Foods To Prevent White & Grey Hairs Naturally
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