Friday, 2 December 2016

6 Bad Effects On Health Of Eating Chinese Food

6 Bad Effects On Health Of Eating Chinese Food: Don't eat too much of china food outside like Chinese noodles, Chinese dishes. Chinese restaurant syndrome Chinese food in bulk can be. The ingredients in the Chinese food are led to a disease caused by monosodium glutamate is harmful to blood pressure patients.

Chinese restaurant & Chinese cuisine syndrome msg in Chinesse food side effects & symptoms are diarrhea. Not only is MSG brain damaged msg in Chainess food effects pregnancy. It affects the nervous cells, which affects memory.

why does Chinese food have msg? Chinese dishes are quite calories. It also can lead to excessive weight by eating. The high amount of oil is used it leads to excessive acid in the body, which seems to be the acidity promotes.

During pregnancy don't consume Chinese foods also affects badly. It inhibits the growth of the fetus. Chinese cooking is very dangerous to ur health so avoid that.
6 Bad Effects On Health Of Eating Chinese Food
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