Thursday, 1 December 2016

4 Yoga Positions For Asthma Treatment Naturally

4 Yoga Positions For Asthma Treatment Naturally: Because of asthma breathing becomes difficult. Such people gasping for breath in the dust. In addition to the drug Drink you can also do yoga breathing exercises for asthma. How yoga poses for asthma works to get relief while breathing.


The breathing method is repeated. You have to sit in the lotus posture. Then close the hole to the right of the right-handed and left nasal cavity to breathe. Two fingers with the thumb of the left and right nasal cavity press release from breathing. Initially, do this for 3 minutes to 10 minutes after that start reading habit.

In it, you have to stand straight But be careful with your hips straight. It is the way to get the rest and is also removes the problem of constipation. Asthma yoga breathing exercises for better health in a natural way.

First lie directly on the mat, place your palms straight and leave loose freely. Create a gap between both feet about a foot. Close your eyes and focus on breathing asthma treatment by yoga.

Ardha Matsyendrasana
First, the left leg bend, left heel hold township. Now bend the knee to the right leg and bring the sole right knee on the ground, keep left. Then move the left hand to the right of the right knee and right foot soles captured rolling back and put right hand on the waist. Fold the right part of half-length. On the other hand, do so now too. From the back, neck, waist, bottom and chest nerves stretch Nab his come. It is the oxygen in the lungs to relax asthma cure yoga. This posture is very beneficial for asthma patients.
4 Yoga Positions For Asthma Treatment Naturally
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