Thursday, 3 November 2016

Uber New App with New Coupons Offers Book Ride

Uber New App with New Coupons Offers Book Ride: Uber's app includes major feature is declared. The company said the new app will be a great experience for the users and uber promo code also available. Claims that the new app Uber and easier than before and be smart. Uber coupons for New - existing customers Offers The logo has also been redesigned.

Uber's new app 'Destination' name features also have been added. It would be very easy to set your destination.

Shortcut- your routine according to this new app 'shortcut' to get the feature uber driver. This new app to your home screen uber user traveling from a 'shortcut' that will tell you where you can go look.

Calendar integration- thus recovered with just a tap you can start your journey. Also, you will be able to connect to your calendar recovered. It will be seen as a shortcut to your meetings and appointments. If you share this information with Uber Uber app you know and without having to share the same time will be able to book a cab.

Uber Coupons Offers Free Ride with New App:

what is uber People search- The company 'people', another new feature is working on it and soon it will be added to the app. With this feature in place of a person to a place to be able to set as a destination. If you sync your contacts with the uber app, we will just write the name of the person you will request their location. So that your information will be filled automatically. Oftentimes you will get rid of the hassle of filling the same address.

Choose car option- Uber app for your new album through the induction of different car hire and Uber (Go Uber, Uber X, über bridge) to choose this new app is also featured.

As a reminder, the new app uber came four years later by the user and the company has tried to give a new experience by uber promo code second ride new and old users.
Uber New App with New Coupons Offers Book Ride
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