Monday, 7 November 2016

Send wishes to Donald Trump US President 2016 Congratulatory Message in Online

Send wishes to Donald Trump US President 2016 Congratulatory Message in Online President Hillary Rodham Clinton Win Congratulatory Message Request a Presidential Greeting The White House Us presidential election polls hate speeches and hate between mutual accusations  stretch out the American presidential campaign. The presidential elections will be held to elect the head of the White House today. Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton until the last minute, the Republican candidate Trump campaign knives. Trump allegations of sexual harassment, racial anti-Hillary Astra get comments, Trump fired  disputed that she was guilty. The disputed presidential elections in history, never locations that analysts hate campaign, opinion surveys. Hillary Clinton scored a last-minute reprieve in the category .. conflicted FBI  any criminal cases. Hillary will be the first woman to win taking over the presidency. Create a record of the highest old president of the Trump wins. 4.2 million people have already voted in advance.

US CITIZENS send greetings only to United States citizens in online presidential greetings Us election 2016 predictions North Carolina, Clinton, Michigan Trump: his last campaign of Hillary at midnight on Monday (Tuesday afternoon IST), North Carolina  .. spelt the end of the campaign, the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, Michigan Grand. Sending back the foreign forces that are destroying the identity of this election was the last opportunity to trump the Americans. Women, minorities in the country's journey toward equality Hillary warned of danger.

US President Donald Trump Congratulates:

American election polls states that the outcome of the Republican majorities, the White House campaign on Monday, Trump said he's ready to enter the sector. The results of the election, the media, the poll would institutions. "We Colorado will win. Nevedalo situation looks promising. North Carolina, Virginia, picked up our party.  Florida, "he said. Trump in the last two days in Iowa, Columbia, Minneapolis, Michigan,  held rallies. Hillary in Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Hampshire to campaign.

Donald Trump  the election campaign of the Indian employees were the focal point of many disputes. A temporary ban on the entry of Muslims in the United States, Mexico wall along the disputed border. Repistulu immigrants, criminals shot. Dirty talk on video about women in 2005 created a huge scandal. The controversy came to light ... the sexual allegations against Trump, 12 women have come to the fore. The Trump does not support many of his own parties. There is rigging the elections, the outcome of accepting it? Or not? The question of whether it will be talked about in the context of bullying. Also on Sunday, few manage Trump Indian employees. Speaking ... to remove the IBM 500 employees in India and other countries, claiming that the employees are hired. He warned that the president imposes a tax on 35% of such companies.

Message of congratulations to U.S. President:

Florida, Ohio, is interested in the results Polling in the United States (in the Eastern time zone) on November 9, Indian Standard Time and ends at 6 am. Alaska and ends at 12:30 pm on November 9. Georgia, South Carolina, Vermont, Indiana, Kentucky on November 9, at 6 am to begin counting. The first results from Georgia, emanating going. Ripablikansa continues to lead the state. Half an hour later ... Ohio, North Carolina results. While Hillary ... North Carolina Republicans have a slight lead in Ohio and have a slight lead. Phloridapaine original interest. If anyone were to take into account any difference, unless the State is bound to being president of the United States. New Hampshire to be interested in the outcome. Democrats in the state of gripping from the start there was a hard fought contest. Arizona, Texas, but the results Hillary going to be disappointed. Gripping Democrats in Colorado, Michigan, Trump  going to take into account.

Hillarine Winner: Survey Polls conducted before the election  Hillary  the winner. According to the poll on November 7 website Hillary  winning percentage of 65.3. Hillariki a total of 538 electoral votes to 292, with 245 votes Trump to come. According to the CBS News poll, 45 percent of Hillary, Trump was supported by 41 percent. Politics average of polls in the Trump 2  weaker than Hillary. Trump  245 votes. Hillariki 48.3 per cent, 45.4 per cent of the popular votes, Trump said that the website.

FBI sweet summoned Hillary Clinton for another day of US presidential elections, provided the FBI sweet summoned. There is no need for a criminal conviction conflict. After inspecting the newly exposed announced this decision. Hillariki going to be much easier to win the presidential election. FBI Director James B.along with the details ... . According to our review in July by the feedback, we have changed now. Imeruulsnu examined a total of 24 hours a day to work with our staff. Vivaralemi found criminal offense.

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