Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone Price

Samsung Galaxy X Foldable Phone Price: Fold in the words of the smartphone market has been going on for quite some time but now Korea's largest smartphone manufacturer Samsung is set to change this rumor really. If you are bothered by the large size of your smartphone Samsung is seeking to overcome this problem. Samsung is going to launch a phone which can be folded and can easily fit in your pocket. Although the Chinese smartphone maker Shiyomi such phone is set to launch.

Tech website of Samsung has a Korean official application which is aware of the fact that Samsung is planning to launch calls the fold. Did not have much information about this phone, but the phone is said to be on some tech website name 'Galaxy X' can be. The technical experts are confused about the phone's battery.

As a reminder, the Samsung smartphone rumors fold long hot. Earlier, in 2011, had also been reports of such phones of Samsung. However, no official confirmation on this from Samsung has not.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 of the Company's brand value in the fire and the battery to rupture the setback in the company future looks very careful about this mobile price and specifications are yet to be known.
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