Thursday, 3 November 2016

All Over India Petrol Bunks Strike Band after 6pm Evening

All Over India Petrol Bunks Strike Band after 6pm Evening: Petrol and diesel, including an increase in sales commissions and other demands of the petroleum dealers, recognized for practice. The state as part of a nationwide protest Thursday, Friday announced cease purchases of petroleum products from oil companies. Playing with the demands of the representatives of the oil industry for the failure of talks in Mumbai on Friday evening from 5 to 9 in the morning until 6 pm only said that it will launch Stations. 6 from the date of each every second, fourth Saturdays, the bank, the government will cease sales of the holiday season. On April 15 the full pump shutdown. Dealers in the last month 19, 26 on the sales stopped for about 15 minutes in the evening to protest.

Petrol and Diesel Price Today Updates:

Commission Petrol and diesel sales  of 3 per cent to 5 per cent commission paid to dealers are the main demand. In 2011, the government appointed dealers Apoorva Chandra Committee recommendations on the margins of the oil companies of operational blame the dealers' association representatives. Six months will be initiated to enhance the Commission to ensure that the promise given to the oil companies are still criticized . Petrol dealers without prior notice, pronounced an end to the policy of increasing prices of diesel, petrol bunk new permissions should not be necessary for the creation, in 2012, issued by the Marketing Discipline Guidelines  to take back the demand. Satisfying the demands of the protest will intensify warn.

Petrol price in India A shortage of petroleum products will also be established in the capital ... There is a total of 1,564 Gas Stations Stations in Hyderabad, 460 are within the metro area. Oil companies are typically 150 to 170 terminals, Gas Stations in Hyderabad, the perennial supply of fuel by tanker. An average of 12 thousand liters per tanker is capable of up to 20 thousand liters. Stations on Friday evening, more than half of the dealers 2 days protest is likely to shut down.

Petrol Latest News, Price Updates:

As long as the stock sales Due to the decreasing margins in the oil marketing companies have decided to launch a protest. As a stopping purchases petroleum products. As long as the stock sale will be held. Cooperate with the customers. Petrol, diesel sales increased 5 percent commission on the same pricing policy across the country, the price jumps caused damage reimbursements, due to the establishment of new outlets without the impact of their actions in the near bunk, station toilets for customers who have set up management responsibilities returned to the oil companies, such as the demands of the oil companies by a third party perform.
All Over India Petrol Bunks Strike Band after 6pm Evening
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