Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Ola Launches Cashless Ride Facility In India

Ola Launches Cashless Ride Facility In India: Ola taxi service providers' Ola credit "feature postpaid service has launched in India. After the ride through the customer can pay your bill. Cash shortage, Ola's credit postpaid service launched in India.

The company also notes the service of central government restrictions 500-1000 people suffering from the problem of cash. This time will be 7 days for paying customers. Net banking, debit or credit card, and e-wallet customers are willing to pay money Integrated hail.

Ola, CMO, and head Raghuves category Shroff said: "cache hit by hailstorm brought special offers for customers, will be able to ride through it and after the Cashless payments will be able to."

How to use Ola Credit without cash:

As a reminder, the company based on customer transaction history will set the credit limit for the ride. The biggest beneficiaries of the feature in the corporate sector workers and Ola cabs are regular customers of the service will be used for a long time.

Before booking your client app on Ola 'Ola credit "will choose to pay. After which the ride will start cashless. Ola launches postpaid service for cashless.

Within 1 week of paid customer can ride. The credit cycle ride of seven days from the day of the customer's first credit will be considered a postpaid service.
Ola Launches Cashless Ride Facility In India
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