Thursday, 3 November 2016

Morocco Arabic Teen girls go to jail for kissing

Morocco Arabic Teen girls go to jail for kissing: Morocco World News became the subject of two girls arrested for the crime of homosexuality. Between the two is likely to impose a prison term of three years. Last week, both men have been arrested in where is morocco in the map. Kissing in public, on the grounds that huge 16, 17 years old, taken with the girls, "CNN," it said. Later, they were released on bail.

According to the court under section 489 of the Act against Morocco to be held today. Homosexuality is considered a crime under Section 489. Gay, dirty, being unrealistic, it is possible to impose a jail term of six months to three years.

Morocco Arabic News Updates Live:

However, for the lawyer appointed to argue on behalf of the Moroccan Human Rights Association spokesman said Omar Arbib. He also demanded the repeal of section 489. Restrictions on the personal freedom of citizens were incorrect. In support of the Alternative Movement for Individual Liberties girls ((MALI)) published a photo. "We have heterosexual sex. Which supports the rights of the photo was of two women.
Morocco Arabic Teen girls go to jail for kissing
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