Wednesday, 23 November 2016

IPhone Crashes Because Of A Viral Video Going on

IPhone Crashes Because Of A Viral Video Going on: IPhone be careful of those who are using it. In the online world is becoming a viral video, which is a threat to their iPhone. If you have any of these videos do not open it, even accidentally. You might be thinking that day, so many videos you see how close you can get the video from your phone. 

In fact, a three-second online video is being shared fairly. Play the video as soon as your phone is slow. A three-second video clip in which a boy MP4 looks beds standing.

To play the clip runs fine for a while but then the phone in a few minutes it becomes slow and stops shortly after the iPhone.

Do not worry if your phone goes off. After closing, you can turn on it again. Although many cases are closed in the phone forever.

That being said, in this video are some bugs, which are off the phone. This is somewhat like the bug which came last year to open a message on the phone was turned off.

Remember to restart the phone to reboot it. Experts are trying to figure out the problem. It is expected that soon Apple no way to remove the bug.

The impact of video on the YouTube channel name Everything ApplePro iphone, iPad and iPod may be on all the iPhone gadgets. The impact from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 7 is seen.
IPhone Crashes Because Of A Viral Video Going on
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