Friday, 25 November 2016

Intake of Some Foods With Milk Together is Harmful

Intake of Some Foods With Milk Together is Harmful: They all know that a lot of the nutrients are found in milk which are beneficial for our health. But with milk, all of which are things we eat affects our body.

Never eat yogurt with milk. They result in acidity, gas and vomiting may be a problem. Nearly one-half hour after eating yogurt drink milk. With urad dal Do not take any milk.

Drinking milk first, then eat fruit. If you drink milk with pineapple, citrus fruits like oranges can also cause digestive problems and is likely to backfire.

Milk and banana should not eat  makes both cuffs. So phlegm with both eating and growing impact on digestion these combinations are harmful.

Many people take breakfast with milk, bread, butter milk, but diet is complete in itself. Taking all these things together because of the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, according to Ayurveda, protein, carbohydrates and fat together should not overdose. Therefore it is better to take milk alone.

With milk you should not eat any fish because gas, allergies and skin diseases may be related.

Milk diet is called complete. Vitamins, proteins, Lacktos, sugar and minerals all the elements are found. If you have accounts with milk, fried or pickled, then these can not be easily digestible. Skin diseases can be constantly eating it.

Never with milk and should not eat sesame oil.
Intake of Some Foods With Milk Together is Harmful
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