Thursday, 10 November 2016

Indian languages keyboard in smartphone is Coming in July

The Indian languages keyboard in the smartphone is Coming in July: At least from now on all mobile phones we will have to be an Indian regional language keyboard for android phones. From July next year, the Indian government changed the rules and they have made it mandatory for mobile phone companies. After this change the phone in English, Hindi and Indian language keyboard than is necessary. Keyboard Of Indian Language Essential In Smartphones.

Electronic and Information Technology Ministry has announced the change last week. Following the order to make the smartphone sell with the specifications. And its violation may take legal action against the government. 22 Indian languages including Hindi typing keyboard smartphone that will be included in the software.

These scripts are written in different languages. All of these were included in the eighth schedule of the constitution of the 22 languages that you can read here. About 63 million people in the country are around 100 million mobile phone connections using. So for every 100 people in a city like Delhi has about 150 mobile phones.
Indian languages keyboard in smartphone is Coming in July
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