Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How to Avoid online fraud Via Online Transaction Debit Card

How to Avoid online fraud Via Online Transaction Debit Card:

1. Skiming
People shopping with your debit or credit card for payment to give, but they do not pay attention to their cards secret information that hackers can hack. Hackers, a device fitted in the machine to swap through which all information related to the customer's card in the device that is imprisoned.

2. Public Wi-Fi zone
When you use a public Wi-Fi makes it easy transaction if hackers steal your confidential information can make you a victim of fraud.

3. Farming
Using this technique, the victim of fraud by hackers users create fake websites. He is dressed like a real website, allowing users to websites like the real thing looked. As soon as you log in to the website via credit card and debit card transactions if hackers manage to make the information related to your account.

4. Malware
This is a dangerous software, computer systems, and ATM helps to hack the servers of banks. This, too, victims of the hackers are prepared.

5. Phishing and vishing
Hackers' spam mail via "steal confidential information of users associated with the account it is called phishing. However, his personal information by sending messages to mobile users, hackers retrieve it called vishing. The trick users with passwords, PIN, and account number are explored.

6. SIM Swipe Fraud
In this trick swindler showing a duplicate SIM from your mobile operator to identify the fake charges. Followed by your mobile operator SIM Deactivate is real. Followed by thugs OTP generating a duplicate number, your account transactions.

How to Avoid online fraud Via Online Transaction Debit Card
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