Tuesday, 15 November 2016

How to activate make a WhatsApp video call on android, ios, windows pc 7,8,10

#WhatsApp #video #call android, ios, windows Mobile Messaging Application WhatsApp for Desktop in personal computers with Google Chrome Browsers.

How to Get the #Trending WhatsApp Video Calling Feature no need to wait just update the WhatsApp app on google play store with the support of android or ios then open the call video button.

WhatsApp Video Calling option For PC/Laptop Download in Windows 10/7/8/8.1:

WhatsApp mobile messaging application, known around the world ... the desktop, personal computers became available for the first time since Thursday. The company's strategy to significantly increase the number of users WhatsApp spent about 19 billion dollars in the purchase of a large amount of Facebook ...

How to use WhatsApp on PC This new version of the web browser launched service. However, it is now even Android from the Google Chrome web browser will be able to use the only mobile. WhatsApp Apple iPhone users who are using the web services that are not possible due to the limitations of the platform, according to the blog WhatsApp.

Open WhatsApp video call on android, ios, windows pc 7,8,10 2016:

Mobile integration, ...whatsapp for PC windows 7,8,10 account the user's computer by a web browser to make use of his phone (Mirror) WhatsApp this service, according to the company blog. Vatsyapku Mobile Extension is calculated under. More than 60 million users around the world are estimated to be currently WhatsApp. The number of users in India and 7 million WhatsApp.
WhatsApp for desktop this service .. Chrome users WhatsApp' website to open. Scan the QR code to be mobile. Vatsyap account appears in the browser of the mobile phone. Pampukunnatle messages on the phone, the browser it. However, the latest WhatsApp Mobile version of the update by connecting to the mobile network including the mandatory position.

Open WhatsApp video call andriod, ioz, windows pc 7,8,10 2016

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