Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Apple Tied Up with Flipkart to Sell its Mobiles Online

Apple Tied Up with Flipkart to Sell its Mobiles Online: At the Time of Festivals the leading e commerce website Flipkart and the leading mobile manufacturing company Apple as teamed up to achieve better results. Apple released iphone7, iPhone 7 Plus sales grew by 50 percent in October. 

Apple company doesn't sales centers in small towns so Teamed up to distribute to those who have purchased online through Flipkart sales improved due to the lack of difficulty of the leading technology research.

Online sales of 70 per cent of the users were able to exchange for their Android phones and the iPhone 7S. The remaining 30 percent of the early phones have been upgraded. Apple delivered 2.6 million units to customers in October. 

During the past nine months in the market which could be worth more than Rs 20 thousand iphone7 was 20 per cent, and in October it flew high. IPhone sales increased in the wake of the battery problems of the samsung Galaxy note 7 Upcoming Apple phones are sold are likely to be improved.
Apple Tied Up with Flipkart to Sell its Mobiles Online
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