Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Amazing Benefits with Onion For Hair

Amazing Benefits with Onion For Hair: Most people do not even eat onions, but it is very beneficial for your hair. Whether male or female, everyone wants beautiful hair. But due to the busy schedule of people to take care of the hair is becoming impossible. Because of this loss of hair, white hair, dandruff is common problems.

If you are also suffering from hair problems, then do not bother because onion is a medicine for all these entanglements. Onion juice to your hair loss, premature white Russian removes all the problems. Sulfur is found in onions, which is important for the hair.

How to Use Onion for Hair Growth Thickness & Greying:

Take Three to five onions grind them. Squeeze the juice of onion paste. Apply juice on your hair. After half an hour wash your hair with shampoo. Do this twice a week then after seeing the result.

Mix two teaspoons of honey and a quarter onion juice on the scalp massage and keep it as. Then wash the hair. Repeat this three times in one week.

Onion in the pulp of coconut oil mixed with beer and apply on hair. Leave this mixture for about an hour in hair and wash off Shiny hair.

In addition, you can also create oil from onions. The Mix onion juice with olive oil and coconut oil, apply for the roots. About two hours after applying a wash off with shampoo. You can also impose this oil every day.
Amazing Benefits with Onion For Hair
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