Wednesday, 30 November 2016

6 Best Safety Apps For Working Women In India

6 Best Safety Apps For Working Women In India: Women's safety has become an important issue in today's times. Daily increasing incidents of women have been hard to get from home. The situation is worse for women personal security apps for women safety has come. So all of your security will bear itself. To eliminate this problem, companies have pulled some smartphone apps which are very helpful in their defense safety mobile apps for Android.


In this app, you can create a network of family and friends. Whenever you are in trouble, press the alarm on your group and your friends and family will reach an alert that you are not safe. Through this app, they can track you. The app also gives you the option to record video and audio at that particular time.

Issued by Delhi Police this app is specifically designed for women working late night women security app. After pressing the SOS alerts Not only will your family and friends aware of the threat but also the police control room will also be aware of it.

Safety pins app comes with GPS tracking and safe paths towards & emergency contact number is saved. The path Which is not safe for them the way this app will alert you.

Apps for girl sUSP defense app also works without opening it. Pressing the volume button of your phone for three seconds will tell your family and friends, you are in trouble. The SOS app also will send an SMS to your family when the internet is off.

Smart 24X7
This app is the perfect choice to get help immediately. Pressing the panic button in case of any emergency, your family will get your information immediately. Along with the nearby hospital, police station or fire station to your family safety of women.

CAB security feature
Almost all working women radio taxis or cabs are used. But rising cabs are afraid to travel alone Use this mobile app for women's safety if any emergency.

While some cab companies understand the problem. When you open the women app, it shows cab route information to a member of your family automatically and that person will be able to track your route and cabs.
6 Best Safety Apps For Working Women In India
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